September Reading Challenge: TBR first 10

I really enjoyed the NEWTs Readathon challenge, and it definitely helped me stay focused and read through a bunch more books in August, than I might have otherwise. I decided to set myself my own reading challenge for September, and it's one I've been meaning to do for a while: Read through the first 10... Continue Reading →


NEWT’s Readathon: Week Four Wrap-Up

We're nearly at the end! It's week four, and I'm down to just one final book to read! I'm obviously being a bit complacent with the last read, because I've decided to read a library book before I get to it. Hopefully with a couple of days left, there should still be enough time for... Continue Reading →

NEWT’s Readathon: Week One Wrap-Up

Before I run down how I've done for the first week, let me first explain what the heck I'm actually talking about. I discovered the Magical Readathon thanks to Anne, and hastily put a list together so that I could join in the fun. For the NEWT's readathon, you pick your chosen magical career path,... Continue Reading →

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