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March 2021 Owlcrate Jr Unboxing

Box: Owlcrate Jr. March 2021
Theme: ‘Elephants On Parade’ 
Website: Click here to subscribe 
Discount Code: BOOKGAL15

It’s crazy that I have had the absolute privilege to represent this amazing company for a whole year. I just adore their boxes, they have truly been my little slice of happiness each month throughout lockdown here in the UK. I was so very excited for March’s theme, ‘Elephants On Parade’, because how adorable does that sound?! I was pretty much picturing the elephant troop from The Jungle Book were going to come trumpeting their way out of the box. Unfortunately there were no elephant troops, but what we did get was a massive celebration of our jumbo sized friends, which was just as good!

March’s box contained:

  • A little plush elephant from Aurora World. His name is Leroy and he’s the softest little guy, he’s gone straight in the nursery as he is too sweet not to give to baby.
  • A bright blue jumbo eraser, in the shape of a realistic elephant. It has so much detail for an eraser, complete with skin folds, giant ears and tusks. It’s surely the most majestic way to erase any mistakes you make whilst drawing.
  • An adorable elephant pen, with a slightly more cartoony appearance than the eraser. This one was from the Owlcrate Jr team themselves.
  • The most adorable bookmark with a couple of elephants on parade at the circus. Beautiful colours and artwork from Katy Tanis.
  • Of course we got the monthly sticker as always, and this one matched the bookmark and was also designed by Katy Tanis. Featuring a frolicking elephant and a rainbow, it’s my new favourite!
  • Not one but two books this month! First was an exclusive paperback edition of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. The book is a beautiful purple colour and it’s always super special to get an exclusive book.
  • The second book was the monthly featured book, and that was The Elephant in the Room by Holly Goldberg Sloane. Looking at the cover of this one, I just have a sense its going to make me emotional, so I may well save it for post pregnancy! The book came with the author letter, as well as a signed bookplate.

So that was all the exciting elephanty goodness that we got in March. Do you see a favourite item here? Are you an elephant fan? April’s box theme is ‘Legendary Courage’, which should feature tons of our literary favourites, given how many characters have to find bucketloads of courage to complete their quests. As always, I can’t wait to see what the team come up with. There is still time to subscribe if you would like to give the box a go, and as a reminder BOOKGAL15 will save you 15% on your order!

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