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Blog Tour: Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty

Illustrated by David Roberts


It’s cleaning day, but the family cat will do anything to avoid getting a bath. So instead of mopping the floor or feeding the fish, the family is soon busy rocking the rug, vacuuming the lawn, and sweeping the dishes. Bouncy rhyme carries the story headlong into the growing hilarity, until finally Dad restores some kind of order—but will the cat avoid getting his whiskers wet?


This was such a fun book to read out loud, and whilst my small human is a little too small to fully understand the context of what was happening, we both really enjoyed the read. I wasn’t expecting (as a fully grown adult) to laugh quite as much as I did at a picture book, but it was silly in the most wonderful way! It’s one I’m definitely looking forward to reading with the little one when he’s old enough to understand the humour.

I just love that there are two dads in the book, as well as the family being biracial. It’s a perfect little gateway to talk to youngsters about how every family is different and unique. It’s clear from the brief story that there is a lot of love and joy in this fictional little household, and I loved all the rainbow touches throughout, that could easily be turned into a game to spot them all.

We’re a family with several naughty (and adorable) pets, so we can definitely appreciate the tricksy cat and the mischief that it creates! I loved the art style of David Roberts, the simple white backgrounds with the pops of colour were just lovely, and are really what captured my little ones attention.

This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone in your life who enjoys picture books, its wonderfully entertaining and could be read over and over. It’s fairly short, and the rhymes are catchy and quick, so would also make a great bedtime story! I know it’s one we’ll be making a lot of use of in our house over the coming years!

Big thanks to the publisher for our review copy, and PrideBookTours for organising the tour! All thoughts are my own.

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