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Shop Small: PaperandWord

One of my favourite parts of the book community, is the amazing merch that is created by talented individuals. I love discovering new shops, creators and products, so wanted to share some of my favourites, particularly with Christmas on the horizon. Of course, I was always going to start with my absolute favourite, PaperandWord.

I’ve been a rep for Abby, the amazing lady behind PaperandWord, for about a year now. It’s such a privilege to get to work with someone I consider a friend, and I adore being a part of the team. The latest collection launches today, and its AMAZING. There are so many sleeves to pick between, including the brand new kindle sleeves. You can use BOOKGAL10 to save on anything you order from the store.

Christmas sleeves

No Christmas collection would be complete, without some festive themed sleeves. There are so many pretties to pick between, my favourite of which is ‘Sugarplum’, seen above. The different purple tones are absolutely gorgeous, and totally perfect for the winter season. There are also two different sleeves featuring a mistletoe pattern (below), one of which is available in two alternative colours!

Old Favourites

Typically Abby only features each print once, and once they are sold, they are gone for good. As a special Christmas treat, we were able to vote for our favourite sleeves to return, and so a few old prints are making a comeback! That also means we get these fabrics as kindle sleeves for the very first time! ‘Forget me Not’ is a gorgeous floral pattern on a blue background, and is one of my favourites to use during the spring time. Also coming back are two super shiny sleeves, ‘Deco’ and ‘Fizz’, which is pictured below. There is seriously nothing better than a sleeve with a bit of sparkle and shine!!

Other Goodies

Abby doesn’t just make sleeves, all designs are also available as pin banners. These are seriously amazing ways to display your pins. As well as the current collection, there are a few banners available from the previous release, my favourite of which is Ember (below). These are a great size for displaying a good number of pins, check out my instagram to see an example of a banner with pins. As if all of this wasn’t already enough, there are also super large, high quality tote bags in the store.

Head over to now to check out all of the above and more. These really are the perfect Christmas gifts for any bookworm! Remember to use BOOKGAL10 on your order.

Let me know your favourite small businesses in the comments, I’ll be featuring another favourite of mine soon.

All images belong to Abby from Paperandword, thank you for letting me use them here!

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