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Picture Book: I Want to Be a Ballerina by Becky Davies and Richard Merritt (illustrator)

I Want to Be a Ballerina is part of a series of simple and engaging career primers for children. Each book covers a different career to inspire your child, perfect for young minds with big dreams. 

My Review

It’s so important to me that my son has a diverse range of books on his shelves. It seems like we’ve taken (small) steps towards girls being purchased all sorts of toys and books, but people will still frown if they see a boy in pink, playing with dolls or reading books that they deem ‘for girls’. I’m not naive enough to think that I can totally shield my son from those backwards ideas, but I can do my best during his earliest days to expose him to as many different toys, books and games as possible. Most of his books have been gifts, so there are lots of trucks and dinosaurs etc. As soon as I seen this one, I knew I wanted to read it to him!

The book itself is colourful and bright, and eye catching. There are lots of little details, and words that you’ll definitely not come across day to day. It was wonderful to see a diverse range of people across the pages, which is also something that I look for when picking out books for small. For me, this had everything I would want in a board book, and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ll definitely be looking to add the rest of the books in the series to our shelves!

Small One’s Review

At 9 months, Small One is now obsessed with books (my work here is done!), and is particularly fond of any books with yellow covers. Needless to say he absolutely loves this book. The surprise of the mirror at the end makes him laugh every time, and he will happily sit and gaze at that page for a whole minute (which is a long time for tiny humans). I was pleasantly surprised by how much he really, really likes this one, he even seeks it out if its amongst the rest of his books. An instant favourite!

Thank you so much to Toppsta and the publisher for our giveaway copy.

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